Our Commitment to a Sustainable Society Our Commitment to a Sustainable Society

Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation (JRE) is committed to improving social sustainability, socially responsible investing,
and maximizing unitholder value by being mindful of the environment, contributing to society, and enhancing governance.

JRE’s ESG Highlights JRE’s ESG Highlights

JRE has set key performance indicators for FY2030 to further promote its climate change initiatives.

*Base year for comparison: 2019


JRE recognizes environmental, social, and governance-related initiatives as
essential to continuing business that is both sustainable and stable,
and is committed to conducting these initiatives in cooperation with its stakeholders while promoting strong mutual communication.

Environment Environment

We are committed to improving the environmental performance of our real estate portfolio to generate greater returns on our office investments.

Society Society

We are committed to achieving sustainable development alongside all of our stakeholders, including unitholders, tenants, employees, suppliers, and communities.

Governance Governance

We are committed to realizing a sustainable society and maximizing unitholder value. Therefore, our basic policy is to thoroughly observe legal and other relevant norms as well as to respond to the requirements from society.

Message from Our President Message from Our President

As a leading company in the J-REIT industry, JRE will pursue the best for all our fellow stakeholders and maximize unitholder value.

External Evaluations External Evaluations

JRE's various ESG initiatives have been evaluated highly by external organizations in Japan and overseas.

External Evaluations

Supporting International Initiatives Supporting International Initiatives

JRE and Japan Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. (JRE-AM), JRE’s asset management company,
attaches great importance to ESG-friendly management as a means to continuously improve asset value,
and has become signatory to and participated in the following international initiatives.

Supporting International Initiatives